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November 28th, 2017
December 7th, 2017
December 20th, 2017

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An Experiential High School

Latitude 37.8 is a new high school coming to Oakland, California in Fall 2018. Latitude students will leverage the assets and resources of Oakland to secure the experiences, education and network they need to be prepared for a meaningful and productive life. We are a network of students, parents, educators, designers, makers, scientists, civic leaders, and business leaders committed to building and sustaining a high school that facilitates relevant, experiential learning for our city's youth -- one where the Bay Area is their personalized learning environment.


What if the city was your classroom?


Our Mission

Latitude 37.8 High School facilitates purposeful learning that leverages the assets and resources of the city to provide students with a personalized and authentic learning experience.

Our Vision

Latitude 37.8 High School graduates have the personal agency, essential competencies, and integrated identity necessary to be prepared for a meaningful and productive life.


Our Design Principles



Students’ needs and interests drive their educational paths. We will understand where student is and where they hope to go and build each student a personalized educational plan accordingly.



Real-life challenges are our coursework at Latitude. By removing the walls of a high school the community is our classroom and students focus on the issues that matter to them.



Studies at Latitude are always interdisciplinary. And, because learning takes place outside of a neighborhood-bound building, students work with people of all socioeconomic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Latitude students, as a result, are comfortable with complex concepts and varied populations.



Latitude students, nurtured by makers and designers, entrepreneurs and artists, acquire the creative confidence they need to navigate the knowledge economy with ease and inspiration.


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