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Studios: Learning through Real World Projects

Latitude students put their communication, design, and analytical skills to the test by doing authentic work in the Oakland community. Studios engage students in real world projects, field experiences, and opportunities to work with professionals.

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Humanities Studio

Students step into the shoes of journalists, historians, and ethnographers to dig into the stories and culture of Oakland.

Students develop the habits of inquiry & methods of research underlying these professions.

They learn to communicate powerfully—through writing, speech, and multimedia—to share the hidden stories of Oakland.  

Students earn UC A-G credit for English & History.

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Math-Science Studio

In Math-Science, students step into the shoes of researchers and data analysts, to design studies, unpack statistics, and visualize data undergirding the issues they are researching in Humanities & Design.

Students learn to tell stories using math and science, communicating complex concepts through visuals and graphs, and develop familiarity with computational thinking and programming.  

Students earn UC A-G credit for Math & Science.

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Design Studio

In Design, students step into the shoes of designers, engineers, and architects to develop innovative solutions to authentic community challenges.

They practice the mindsets of a designer and develop facility with fabrication skills to instantiate their ideas through building and testing prototypes.

As students tackle authentic design challenges rooted in Oakland community needs, their thinking will be enriched by workshops with local designers, makers, and entrepreneurs.  

Students earn UC A-G credit for Visual Arts & College-Prep Elective.


Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

Extended Learning Opportunities throughout Oakland are a cornerstone of the Latitude experience. As students progress through their high school career, they will gradually take on more ELOs that support their college and career goals.

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All students commit to an extended internship with an adult expert in their field of interest. Students learn how to navigate the complexities of a professional workplace and to communicate effectively with a wide range of adults.

College Coursework

To pursue advanced study in specific topics, students have the option of taking CSU/UC transferable courses through Peralta Community Colleges. They can also take additional coursework through UC Scout and other digital platforms.

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Students have the opportunity to learn what it takes to launch and sustain their own successful business. Students can elect to participate in business plan competitions and run prototypes and pop-ups to test out their business ideas.

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Shadowing & Site Visits

Through shadowing experiences and site visits, students have the opportunity to learn how adult professionals in many fields discovered their purpose and applied their passions in the world.


Advisory: Community, Well-Being, and Purpose

Advisory is where students (1) build some of their most important relationships at Latitude, with their peers and a trusted adult, (2) build their socioemotional skills and learn to hone their physical and mental well-being, and (3) work to discover their interests and sense of purpose for career and life.


All students are cohorted with the same small group of peers throughout their four-year experience at Latitude. Through this close-knit community, students support each other in their high school experience while building lifelong relationships.

Social-emotional Learning

Through advisory, students will build their social and emotional skills, including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and time management. Advisory will support students in developing healthy minds and bodies.


College, Career, and Life

Through guided activities, as well as open-ended exploration and projects, students will learn to cultivate their own identity, interests, and career goals. Through a 1: 1 relationship cultivated over four years, a student’s advisor will help the student personalize their Latitude experience towards their purpose and goals.


Student Progression Through Latitude