Latitude Admissions 101


Thank you for applying to Latitude, and we honored that you are considering us as your high school option. Please see below for up-to-date information on becoming a Latitude student for Fall 2018.


A message from our principal…

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Key Upcoming Dates

February 16, 2018

Priority application Deadline

If you applied by this date, you will be part of our admissions lottery on March 5th. We will continue to accept applications for the waitlist after this date.

March 5, 2018

Admissions Lottery & NOtifications Mailed

On this day, we will be conducting our admissions lottery. Families will be notified via phone, email, and

March TBD

Enrollment Sessions & Admitted Student Pop-ups

During the month of March we will have a series of events: 

  • Families ready to enroll can come to one of our "Enrollment Sessions" to complete their paperwork and finalize their student's enrollment at Latitude.
  • Admitted families looking to learn more about Latitude will have a chance to attend one of "Admitted Student Pop-Ups" to get a better taste of the Latitude experience

March 26

decisions Due

This is the deadline to notify us on your decision to enroll in Latitude, before your spot is given up to the next student on the waitlist.


Meet the Latitude teachers and staff!

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John Bosselman

Prior to joining the team at Latitude, John worked at High Tech High Chula Vista from 2009-2017 where he helped develop the four week immersive internship program, senior individual inquiry projects, the school's drama program, and student support for struggling students. During his final two years there, John was the co-founder of the ReVision Project, a consultation design firm incubated at HTHCV. The ReVision Project utilizes the power of high school seniors to advocate for change in the community through the use of design thinking. 


Gavin Ishihara-Wing

Gavin has honed his expertise in math education while serving as a math teacher at High Tech High Chula Vista. He specializes in helping students gain mathematical agency and the foundational skills to prepare them for college-level mathematics.

Gavin was born and raised in San Francisco and moved down to San Diego to attend the University of California San Diego for his bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Education. After graduating in 2009, he worked for two years at the Charter School of San Diego and at The Family and Learning Center in La Jolla. In 2012, while teaching at Kearny DMD, Gavin received his credential and master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of San Diego.

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Aatash PariKh

Aatash is a software engineer turned educator. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from  UC Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley, Aatash was an  instructor for the school’s introductory computer science class, called CS10: Beauty and Joy of Computing. As a software engineer he has worked at companies such as Google and Khan Academy.

Prior to joining Latitude, Aatash worked as a resident at High Tech High Chula Vista while earning a M.Ed. in School Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. 


Joi Ward

Before joining the Latitude team, Joi worked as a Public Allies Health, Wellness and Counseling Fellow at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center from 2015-2017. As a Fellow, Joi supervised Personal Growth Projects, provided low-level counseling, co-led weekend wilderness trips and served as a key adult through the restorative justice process. During her time at Eagle Rock, Joi recognized the importance of integrating social and emotional learning into curriculum. She realized that building relationships with students played an integral role in creating learning environments that addressed the needs of a diverse group of learners.

Joi is a graduate of Scripps College where she studied Sociology and Music.


Riley Mack

Riley Mack is an educator, healer and artist. She believes that learning is a unique, experiential process of discovering who we are, using the clues our ancestors and environments provide. After attending elementary school in Japan and middle school in Washington D.C., Riley and her family moved to Chula Vista to be a part of the first graduating class of High Tech High CV. Her experiences with project based learning deeply influenced her view on education. 

As a member of Latitude's founding team, Riley uses her unique experiences and skills to build a rich network of community partnerships for Latitude students’ projects, site visits, and internships.


Christian Martinez

Christian Martinez was born in Michoacan, Mexico. He and his family migrated to Oakland, CA in 1999 to pursue a better future. In 2010, Christian commenced his career as an educator in his beloved Fruitvale community. Growing up in East Oakland, Christian developed a passion for music, recording and producing all while fostering a drive to succeed. Christian is currently pursuing his BA degree in psychology. In addition to his professional endeavors, Christian is a big fan of basketball and football. 

A Week in the Life of a Latitude Student


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